Why T-Shirts Make the Perfect Promotional Item

  • Oct 22, 2017

Are you looking for a promotional item that is both highly visible and highly useful? Your search is over. The t-shirt satisfies both. Just think about it for a second - who doesn't wear t-shirts? They're worn by practically everyone, especially in warm weather. But first, in order to understand why the t-shirt is such a great promotional item, you first have to understand the different types of t-shirts that are available.

Types of T-Shirts

Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
Raglan Sleeve (Baseball T)
Cap Sleeve
3/4 Sleeve

The long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt are styles that everyone is aware of. The sleeveless styles are similar to a tank top and usually only cover the shoulder.

The raglan sleeve is what many people call a baseball t. It doesn't describe the length of the actual sleeves, but instead, is distinctive because the sleeve is connected to the shirt in a diagonal seam, with the sleeves and the body both featuring different colors.

The cap sleeve is usually only present in t-shirts that are made for women. With this style, the sleeve covers the top of the shoulders but does not go around or under the arm.

Finally, the 3/4 sleeve is also mainly present in women's t-shirts. With this style, the sleeve extends to right below the elbow in most cases.

There are also different neck styles that exist as well, which are:

Round Neck
Scoop Neck

The round neck is the main type of neck style seen on t-shirts and is also the oldest style. The v-neck has gained popularity in recent years, as it makes a pointed V at the neck, showing more of the upper chest. It is also considered to be more "stylish." The third style, the scoop neck, is a style that is pretty much only present on women's t-shirts. It is characterized by having a neck that is wide and low rounded in shape. As a result, the neck shape falls underneath the clavicle of the person wearing it.

The Benefits As A Promotional Item

• It's a walking advertisement. A t-shirt with your company logo on it will be highly visible, especially if your logo or company name is prominently placed on it and is easy to see. Those who have it will most likely be wearing it in the gym, when they're running their daily errands, during a casual lunch, or when they walk the dog. That's only just some of the situations.

• Everyone will use it. T-shirts aren't something that people may or may not wear. While other promotional items may be extremely useful, some people may not use them on a regular basis or even have a need for it. But with a t-shirt, you're guaranteed to be giving away an item that people will use. Even if they only use it in their house, guests will be seeing your company name, not to mention the fact that it'll be in the person's mind as well.

• There are many styles available for all types of clients. Just look at the types of t-shirts that were mentioned above. Depending on your target demographic, you have many options in choosing a style of t-shirt that appeal to them.

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