Promotional Products and the Wine Industry

  • Apr 2, 2017

Wine is a drink that suits a large variety of occasions. It can be served as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to a three-course meal, or for socializing with friends. With the wine industry growing and the stiff competition, wineries and vineyards need to find ways to get their brand in the hands of the wine consumer. One proven way of building your brand is making use of promotional products as a marketing tactic. A recent survey has revealed that more than 52% of consumers form a positive impression about a company after receiving a promotional product from them. In this article we are going to discuss the various advantages of promo products for the wine industry.

1. Gets your brand in their hands: Branded items for the wine industry get used every day. With that much exposure, your brand will always be in the mind of the user. More than likely, the branded item will also be used by their friends and relatives. This increases the value of the item and also increases your brand awareness.

2. Provides free marketing: One of the proven benefits of promotional products is that your brand gets seen every time the item gets used. They are powerful and an effective form of communication. The branded merchandise just might prompt the user to check your products online or at the store the next time they go shopping.

3. Increases Customer Loyalty: It goes without saying that once someone likes your products, they would buy them again. Since they like your products, they will more than likely tell their friends which will lead to more customers. When that happens they would automatically think of you when they see items such as wine glasses, tote bags or a corkscrew. Their awareness of your products would help put you ahead of your competitors. It is a known fact that promotional products not only helps to boost your business but also helps in customer retention.

4. Inexpensive: Sophisticated branding doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are a few ideas to get your brand in the hands of potential customers. A) Custom WineO wine stopper, with this item you get guaranteed repeat visibility. They are available engraved or UV color printed with low minimums and no set-up fee. That makes this the perfect give away item. B) Cork screw, everyone needs one of these. C) Wine tote bag, with convenient interior pouches they make for safe carrying of 1 to 4 bottles of wine. D) Wine glass, stem or stemless, with stemless shapes they offer the convenience of drinking from a tumbler with the artistic sophistication of a wine glass. You can still swirl the wine to release and enjoy the aroma but with the added bonus of a tumbler’s advantage. The product fits easily into a dishwasher with no more broken stems.

You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these products. They would not only help to break the ice but also foster a lasting relationship with your new and existing customers.

These are just a few of the benefits of making use of promotional products in the wine industry. So give them a try and find out how quickly promotional products can boost your business. Start building your brand with smart and attractive items that are sure to stand the test of time. For all your promo wine needs visit

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