Packaging with the Environment in Mind

  • Apr 8, 2018

Picture your customer buying your product, they take it home, open the carton and then throw it in the trash.  What if instead of throwing it away they planted the carton in the ground and beautiful flowers grew. This is where seeded packaging comes into play. It is handmade paper with seeds embedded in the paper. Just about any thin seed can be used as long as it has a high germination rate.  Some good seeds are Wildflower and Basil. The paper is made from recycled cotton t-shirts.. The thickness is either 15 point or 30 point. 30 point is used for heavier items. The 15pt is digitally printed and the 30pt is Letterpress printed. Letterpress can be up to 4 spot colors. More than 4 colors could be used but it would require a second pass through the machine which increases the cost. The cartons can be embossed and foiled but it is a rough surface so it is not like embossing or putting foil on a flat sheet.

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