Benefits of Stress Balls

  • Jan 20, 2018

There's no denying how stressful work can be. Whether it's a current work project or just the daily grind of the work environment, we all can feel a bit overwhelmed or anxiety-ridden at times. It happens to the best of us. There are a wide-variety of measures that you can take to help reduce your daily stress, but one of the most effective, yet underutilized methods is through the use of a stress ball. You'll also be surprised to learn that its benefits also extends beyond just stress relief.

Getting Rid of Stress

Every single time that you squeeze and then release the ball repeatedly, you'll help your muscles to relax, thus being able to relieve excess tension and ultimately, stress. By squeezing hard and then letting your muscles relax, you can take out some of your anger or frustration, while also activating your hand and wrist muscles in a positive way. You'll notice that you'll feel more calm and will be in a better mood as a result. Just make sure that you squeeze and then hold the stress ball for 1 or 2 seconds at a time.

Improve Your Hand and Wrist Strength

It can literally be done anywhere and can take less than a minute at a time, but you'll greatly be able to develop your hand and wrist strength, as well as your dexterity. Considering how much you use your fingers to type, as well as the constant amount of gripping that you do every day, you will notice the difference. Also, if you happen to be physically active, such as through lifting weights at the gym, even casually, this will help you to avoid further injury, particularly injuries to the wrist, since you'll be able to grip objects with much more stability now.

Reduce Stiffness and Help Curb Arthritic Pain

By activating the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your wrists and hands, you'll be improving and causing more blood circulation to occur. Improved blood circulation means a decrease in pain that can result from arthritis or carpel-tunnel syndrome, as well preventing arthritis from either developing or worsening. It also means that you will have less stiffness. Being that we're using our fingers constantly now, be it on tablets, smartphones, or a good old-fashioned keyboard, your body will thank you for this.

Whether it's given out as a promotional item, obtained for your own personal use, or given to company employees, stress balls are really a magic object. You'll be able to get a workout for your hands and wrists while simultaneously reducing your stress level at the same time. Plus, the learning curve of it is virtually zero. So what are you waiting for? Check out some of the stress ball designs that are available today at Stress balls come in different shapes and major sports such as football, hockey, golf, basketball, soccer, etc. You'll notice that its benefits will also make you more productive at work and will carry over to your personal life, too.

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