5 Unique Holiday Gifts to Beat the Boredom

  • Nov 2, 2022

When it comes to gift-giving, there are always the same things people go for: blankets, socks, cheese baskets, candles... and it can get a little repetitive! We wanted to help defeat the boredom of gift-giving by giving you five ideas that are both boredom-busting and just plain fun!

1. 90x Portable Astronomical Refractor Tabletop Telescope

90x Portable Astronomical Refractor Tabletop Telescope
Share the love of the cosmos with this telescope! Perfect for anyone interested in space, bird-watching, and more, this telescope is a great way to give your giftee a stunning view. 

2. Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium 89171

These jellyfish are so lifelike; you wouldn't know that they're faux! With a silent motor that creates gentle currents, these jellyfish float gently while the LED light changes color. Give the gift of serenity with this truly unique item.

3. Large Dominos with Wooden Box
Large Dominos in Wooden Box 24481

Line 'em up, knock 'em down, or play the actual game of dominos - this set comes with a gorgeous wooden storage box, and your giftee will be elated when they open their gift and maybe even get a game or two in before the holidays. 

4. Pine Tree Growables Planter

pine tree growables planter jk-1570

Give your recipient the gift of their next holiday tree! This little growable kit includes everything your giftee needs to grow their very own pine tree, so it'll be ready to decorate for next year's holiday season. 


5. Regulation Cornhole Set

Regulation Cornhole Set 106REGULATION
Does your giftee host a lot of events with their team? Give them the gift of team building with this regulation cornhole set. Perfect for practicing their game or just having a laugh at the next company BBQ, these are a great option for year-round fun! 


To order your gifts for this year's holiday season, give us a call today! 


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